Tuesday, December 07, 2004

About TO Be Seen in 100 Million Households

Beryl J. Wolk

CPNM Marketing

Beryl started the AARP

Invented the infomercial

produced over 1600 infomercials

Invented Newspaper Inserts

Owns his own printing companies

Owns radio stations

Own tv stations

Does 2 billion inserts each year

Reaches 100 million families via television

founder of the Family Guide Seal of Approval

Started Sweepstakes in 1971

Did all marketing for Comcast

Started Discovery Channel, QVC and Lifetime

Created 109 successful associations

Started Cable Guide

Started Dial-A-Fax

Created Push Carts in malls

Started Family Guide TV & Magazine

Started Free Gift America

Created SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

Started Peace Foundation

Owns 110 million optin emails

Has Approval to fax to 108 million fax numbers

Reaches 100 million television families for only $1500


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