Thursday, January 13, 2005

Data Miner Advantage Ezine+ $6997 Bonus


To The Intenet Resource Club-DMA
"I've Done The Searching So You Don't Have To"
Jan 11,2005

A bi-monthly publication dedicated to giving you a direct,
straightfoward and simplpified plan for success.

But first, I want to thank you again for joining the Internet
Resource Club recently (see bottom for details)
If you're serious about finding a way to earn a real living
without a job (right in your home), you've come to the
right place.

I want to apologize for the delay as we encountered server
problems during the holidays due to our rapid growth.
You have a year membership at no cost so you get a chance
to benefit by the little known information that fellow
members of the Internet Resource Club have to offer.
Of course, you are fr-ee to leave at any time.

What is Data Mining??
Today's high-tech world is drowning in data but is starved
for knowledge.
Data mining is the search for significant patterns and

I have a LOT of things to chat about. Some will make you laugh, some won't,
but I promise you'll never find it boring or routine nonsense.

Once again due to an overwhelming demand plus newly added downloads.
Let's begin with a great deal for you. If you're in business of any kind, or even
just interested in business topics, you'll find something to like in my free offer.
It's 117 hours of MP3 and transcripts (your choice, or both, if you wish) of
the best information and advice from some of the most knowledgeable folks
on and off the internet.

Now, you don't have to listen to all 117 hours. Feel free to pick and choose
(and there's plenty to choose from) and come back to it as often as you wish.

think you'll want to watch for our emails, though, and to
prove that I want to offer you a welcome gift (worth $6997)
-- Need I say more why this goodie is valuable and in
limited quantity:)? BUT FIRST!

100% of the shots you don't take don't go in.
~ Wayne Gretzky

Well, I may be crazy - but I'm not stupid.

I've found over the years that when you give something of
value first, you'll win future customers and create
friendships that last.

Hence this irresistible offer.

Simply go to the link at the end of this letter and click
over to access your recordings and transcripts using the

This offer is limited and I reserve the right to stop this
at any time.

My only condition? that you apply what you learn, and TAKE POSITIVE
ACTION for your own future!

To get started, simply click the below link ;)

Thanks for your interest in my 117 hour audio recordings
rights Here is the protected url to send your friends and
customers to

Seminar Audio Clips

It's been awhile since our first publication and we sincerely apopoligize
again. That was just before christmas but right after was amazing!!!
What an incredible 3 days of wonderful webinars we had!
Hundreds of people got sooo much good information from master marketers, trainers and authors such as:
* Ted Nicholas on "How To Develop Your Own Belief System Which Makes Failure Impossible & Guarantee Your Success in 2005"
Maria Boomhower on “The 7 Secrets to Communication Mastery”
* Joel Christopher on "How To Save Time, Money and Energy with Webinars in 2005" and "How To Make Lots of Mo.ney with Webinars in 2005" *
Derek Franklin on ""10 Questions You Need Answered About RSS"
* Alan Bechtold on "How To Turn Your e^Zine Into A Mil.lion Dollar Joint Venture Machine" * Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck & Shawn Casey on "The Greatest Secret" *
Vijay Kannan on "How To Instantly Write Breakthrough Letters" and
* Joe 'Mr. Fire' Vitale on "My 5 Marketing Preditions for 2005" and "The 5-Step Attractor Factor Formula To Make 2005 Your Best Year Ever"
Stay with us and Don't miss out!!!



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Due to our unprecendented growth the servers we used crashed .
We are migrating to a new and more powerful system. We ask you
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As a special thank you gift you'll receive a Webmaster's Toolkit
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Viral Profits

One last thing after reviewing our gift to you please send
us your feedback. We appreciate your input so please
forward your suggestions or comments. Don't worry. Your
email address will never be rented, traded or sold. Your
complete confi- dentiality is guaranteed.

Robert Hart
P.O. Box 26
Ninety-Six, SC 29666

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