Sunday, March 20, 2005

Well Everyone If You Weren't Here YOu Really Missed IT

The First Annual Double Birthday Bash was a resounding,heart pounding and breath-taking success. The list of speakers al tops in their fields From Ted Nicholas $4 Billion Dollar Man, Joel Christopher MasterListBuilder, Carl Turner $11 Million Dollar Man and JV Specialist,Sydney Johston Ebay Queen, Rosalind Gardner the Super Affiliates-Super Affiliate,"Mr Fire" Joe Vitale just to name a few.

Lift off was Fri night and al you could do was strap yourself in and hold on for the ride. I'm not exhausted physically,mentally and emotionally but i wouldn't have it any other way I'm glad I experienced it.

The webinar room performed superbly we had people fro around the world to attend in a non stop frenzy blogathon for 48 hrs. it was a lot of fun and we shared our hearts,minds and feelings with the world. To find out more goto:

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