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Blogs And Your Work From Home Internet Business

As a work from home internet business entrepreneur you have
several really good tools on the internet you can take
advantage of in order to build your work from home business.
A blog is just one of those tools that you can use and
should be taking advantage of.

In recent months blogs have become more and more popular all
over the internet. A blog, or weblog, is a personal Web site
updated frequently with links, commentary and anything else
you like. People maintained blogs long before the term was
coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction
of automated published systems, most notably Blogger. ( ) At Thousands of people
use services such as Blogger to simplify and accelerate the
publishing process. This makes it very simple to create
several 100 pages within a site all with the same look and
feel but with different content. This of coarse is exactly
what the major search engines are looking for.

There are several reasons why a work from home internet
business entrepreneur like my self would use blogs in their
arsenal of marketing tools. The number one reason for me is
to gain better search engine exposure. I have several blogs
already started. Two are merely work from home business
article databases. Every time I write a new article or find
a good one someone else wrote, I submit it into my blog
which crates a new page in my site. The search engines will
find and spider this new page. I also have a work from home
tips blog which I try to post several good tips to each
week. This is all great content for my work from home
internet business web site that my visitors will hopefully
want to read.

Blogs also create opportunities for more search engine
submissions. Recently with the popularity of blogs special
blog search engines have started to emerge. The only way you
can submit to one of these special blog search engines is if
you have a blog yourself. Blogs create a special rss or xml
files that these search engines will look for.

Setting up your blog may initially take some time and effort
but it’s made much simpler if you use But do
not use bloggers hosting service. Be sure to use your own
domain and hosing service. This will get you the best
results with the search engines. Once you have chosen your
main template look and feel of your blog all you need to do
is keep posting new and good content that your readers would
be interested in to your blog. Eventually over time you will
have 100’s pages of great content that your visitors will
enjoy reading all spidered by the major search engines
giving you more traffic and exposure.

Tom Worsley is a successful work from home Internet marketer
and independent representative for SFI , Owner and Webmaster
for & This article may be
re-published on your site or in your newsletter as long as
this resource box is included.


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