Thursday, April 05, 2007

"High Performance Publicity Super Store"

America's #1 Publicist Reveals All!

Annie Jennings PR Has Booked Thousands Of Media Placements & Enjoys A Reputation OF Excellence With The Media! Join Annie & Join The BEST!

Media Testimonial: "Damn you are good girl! (you can quote me)"
Lisa Matthews -- AP All News Radio Editor, 3800+ Stations


"Annie Jennings is the best publicist there is. Not only does Annie Jennings PR produce results (Annie got one of our authors on “OPRAH” as the sole guest, which generated sales of 20,000 books), she creates an affable, professional rapport with her clients that makes working with her truly a pleasure."

---Hal Lockwood, Publisher, Penmarin Books

You Get Annie Jennings PR As Your OPRAH Coach!

SECRET SURPRISE INCLUDED! When you join our OPRAH Publicity Club, we have secret surprise for you. It is worth the sign up price alone if not more. You will find out when you sign up! Lots of value-added in our OPRAH Publicity Club!

Includes all the tools you need every step of the way including:

1. Author & Expert Survey Designed To Bring Out "The Next Level In You" ($997 if purchased separately)

2. Segment Style Press Release Coaching: Learn How To Create Your Own Segment Style Press Release Packed With Message Points, Talking Points & Buzz Points ($2500 if purchased separately and I write it for you)

3. Development of OPRAH Pitch: What to say in your pitch, which points to make, how often to pitch and email pitching tips. Is your pitch relevant to today's concerns and issues, are you pitching old segment ideas and don't even know it? You'll find out this and more!

4. Voice Mail Skill Set: Crafting of your voice mail message, how to leave a voice mail, mistakes to avoid and secrets of voice mail success.

5. Submission Guidelines: What should you send to OPRAH? What materials will the producer need to have on hand to review you as a guest?

6. Website Evaluation: Is your website ready for an OPRAH's producer's visit? Will they see what they need to see to book you? Annie tells you what should be on your site and oversees the revision and development of your site and personally reviews the information that goes on your site.

7. Online Media Kit: Annie supervises your development of your online media kit! Does it have all of the pages needed? Is it written professionally? Have you included next level segment ideas that are fully developed? You can avoid beginner mistakes and provide a polished upscale online media kit with Annie's guidance!

8. Search Engine Optimization: Annie helps you with your keywords and key phrases for your website so when OPRAH is looking via Google or other search engines, OPRAH is finding you! Annie teaches you how to search engine optimize your website after reviewing your info and establishing your area of expertise.

9. Annie shares the best contact producer at OPRAH who is interested in your topic and area of expertise. Yes, you will know who to contact and how! Don't get lost in the slush pile! You will get directly to a producer!

10. DISCOUNTS ON PLATFORM BUILDER MEDIA PLACEMENTS: Want to build your platform? If you sign up with this program Annie gives you BIG discounts on media placements so you can be seen and you can be heard everywhere!

11. Publicity CD's: You get seven of our most essential Publicity CD's in your quest for OPRAH! Usually $97 each but you get them free in The OPRAH Publicity Club!

12. SECRET SURPRISE! When you join our OPRAH Publicity Club, we have secret surprise for you. The value of the surprise is worth MORE THAN the sign up price for the OPRAH Publicity Club alone! You will find out when you sign up!

Get SIX MONTHS Of Personal Oprah Coaching! Twice monthly teleseminar calls to check in on progress and share tips, advice, answer questions and more. Join the "Get Booked On Oprah" club!

Annie Jennings will personally contact you after you sign up!

Get Ready To Make Your Dreams Come True!

Two Payment Options:

Pay In Full: $5,000 -To Buy Now Click Here

Monthly Payment Option: $2000 Initial Payment Plus Three $1000 Monthly Payments Using Automatic Payment --To Buy Now Click Here

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