Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ready For the Summer

I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday weekend and hopefully you'd had a look at the Indy 500 which was an amazing and history making event!!

Well it's been quite a ride these last 7 months from the Holiday Webinar marathon during Christmastime then leading up to the Double Birthday Bash/Blogathon

During those 2 events alone I took enough notes to keep me busy the next 10 yrs ;-)
It was exhausting to say the least but well worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Scheduled LivVe Webinars will resume shortly as we re-organize for another big push. I'll keep you updated but at the moment I have another big announcement as my mentor Joel Christopher is now taking applications for a numer of positions. See more below:

We're expanding our operations...literally!

We're moving in to our 'outside' office here in Helotes this weekend.

I recognized a long time ago that we've outgrown our 'little'
home^based business that I finally gave in to my wife Sheila's
request to get an 'outside' office.

No, this is NOT the backyard office I built 2 years ago.

That's already brimming with products and other stuff.

This is an ACTUAL office space we're using to do
sales calls and actual client meetings and trainings
like my upcoming Master Apprentice Program next week.

Likewise, it's very to close to home...
exactly .256 mile close ;-}

Incidentally, with our operations expanding, I'd like
to ask you for your help Robert...

Do you know someone who's looking for a serious,
professional and well-paying sales career?

Due to our expanding operations in Texas (San Antonio,
Austin, Dallas & Houston), we're currently seeking several
part-time & full-time Independent Field Sales Representatives.

These Independent FSR's will present, promote, market and sell
our several BIG TICKET programs to local businesses and
business owners including but NOT limited to the following
products and programs:

1) Master Apprentice

2) MarketingCruise

3) MasterListTools

4) MasterWebinars Fortune1000

5) Master Webinars for Small To Midsized Business

6) Master Webinars for non-profit organizations,churches, charities and congregations

7) MasterListBuilder U

8) Post Card NewsLetter

Your referred applicant should be honest with high integrity,
well-experienced in sales, marketing and networking locally
and/or virtually (online).

He or She must possess great written and verbal (phone)
communication skillls, strong organizational skills with
excellent follow-up and closing skills.

Must be self-motivated and selt-starter with a strong
sense of self-accountability yet a good team player.

Must have high self-esteem and is NOT afraid of rejection
and not scared of the words "NO" and "SALES"!

Must be confident with pleasant positive personality but NOT cocky!

He or She must be seeking an outstanding career opportunity
with excellent (high) inc^me potential.

Most importantly, she or he must have good to excellent computer
skills such as e^mail, Internet and Microsoft Office.

If you know of someone who has these skills or experience,
please have him or her send resume to:

Click Here


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