Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bin Laden Dead??? Truth Or Rumor??

There is a lot of speculation swirling around .Does it really make any difference??? Feel free to comment.

Bin Laden Dead Or Alive?

Boy Who Sees with Sound

Hi Everyone,
Just in case you missed I had to share with you this incredible story of a young man overcoming obstacles and truly thriving. It should insipre anyone to do better in life no matter what!!

Blind Boy Who Can See??

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Have A Good Holiday-Experiment #2

Today's high-tech world is drowning in data but is starved for knowledge. Data mining is the search for significant patterns and trends.

The first trend I noticed here is everyone loves their
HTML Goodies;-)

One disturbing trend I noticed a few years ago was ID TheftThis is my mission to spread the word today. On a positive note I'm also watching the rapid growth of both
MySpace and Gmail

I've been into computers most of my lifeand finding great deals on Ebay but also have a passion for the outdoors and a deep love of music
I've a background in telecom,electronics and I/T and an always inquisitive mind. I got fed up with the corporate world and decided to embark upon affiliate marketingand Free Giveawayone big challenge I encountered was finding good webhosting.Now also venturing into
real estate and The Forex Market It's been quite a journey and I've met some truly gifted people along the way. My main focus now is SEO I've also dicovered an untapped nicheGmail Profits
To relax i'd like to be Wild and Divine

I'm a big sports fan also and anxiously awaiting the return of the Panthers to my big screen ;-)