Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Upcoming Seminar & Webinar

Hi All
I can't stress this point stongly enough but if there is any chance at all I'd advise you to check out the webinar room. Sometimes it's too much to put it all into words but at the last big event we tried goto:
Check Out The DBB/DBB-Blogathon

Webinar Title: 'Habit # 5 of the 8 Habits of Highly
Effective Internet Marketers'

followed by

'Virtual Networking & Masterminding'

Price: FR.EE To The First 500 To Register

Day/Date: WEDNESDAY NIGHT, June 22, 2005

Time: 6 pm PST / 7 pm MST / 8 pm CST / 9 pm EST
(check for outside U.S.)

As my Special Father's Day Gift To You,
I'm giving webinar software download
and access for the next TWO (2) weeks to
the FIRST 500 To register and click below:

So if you get a chance come join us to see what 's going on in the LiVve Webinar Room.

Master Webinars


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